Smart Farms & Growing Supplies

~ Get your Garden Growing today with our smart farm tower Gardens ~

Modeled after the same equipment that we use on our farm, our smart farm towers are perfect for balconies, patios, lanais, country clubs, restaurants etc.  With a 13 gallon-reservoir, pump and timer, you will never have to worry about your plants drying out – even when you are away.  With enough space to grow over 40 plants in one tower, this is the perfect way to guarantee a fresh and continual supply of vegetables, herbs and flowers. 

Installation and Maintenance available –  Let one of our farmers assist you with the smart farm installation and receive 20 free plants. – offer available to SWFL residents only.

Vegetable plant starters – Baby plants perfect for your home garden. Over the past 9 years, Colusa Farms has selected the perfect varieties of Organic and NON-GMO seeds that perform best in our unique SWFL environment.  Hearty plants that are naturally mold and disease resistant, our plant starters are guaranteed to result in high yields.

Fertilizer – Replacement fertilizer for your smart farm.

Coco Coir and Perlite mix – Need more Coco coir for your tower garden? Order here. Coco Coir is a natural bio-product of the coconut industry.  It’s highly absorbent, PH neutral and when mixed with perlite is allows soil aeration.  This is the ultimate growing medium.

Smart Farms

By Mr. Stacky

Includes: 5 Large Mr Stacky Pots (20 Plant Site), Base Reservoir, Lid, Pump, Timer, Distribution Head, Plant Food, Pipes, Tubes, Adapters, and Grow Guide.